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In preparation for the arrival of your puppy we wanted to give you some pointers  just in case you've never had one before.

First thing you need to know is that when you get your puppy you are NOT to put your puppy on the ground in public places until it has received all of its vaccines, especially at the vet, dog parks or pet stores. Puppies need at least three rounds of vaccines in order to be protected from infectious diseases. Wait at least 1 week after the third round before you take your puppy out for a walk. At 12-16 weeks the puppy will also require a Rabies vaccine.

We give our puppies all age appropriate vaccinations and worming. At 2 weeks we start the deworming program and we continue until the 7th week. At 6 weeks we give them 6 IN ONE and Bordatella. We will give them boosters at 9 and at 12 weeks as long as the puppies continue with us. 

When you take your puppy to the vet after arrival make sure you take with you the pink paper we sent you with his vaccination and worming history. And your vet will schedule his next vaccines. 

We recommend you to take a fecal to the vet on your first visit. We treat all our puppies for different kinds of intestinal parasites but sometimes it takes a little longer than 8-9 weeks to treat them. If your puppy still needs to continue with his deworming your vet will let you know what treatment he should receive. 

Pomskies are very desirable dogs because they are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Put its name and your telephone number on a tag on its collar. Chipping your dog will help you find it if it escapes and ends up in the pound.

Also, because Pomskies are so pretty, some people might try to steal it or keep it if they find it. So keep it out of reach. One time a person that bought one of our puppies, went to pay for his gas and left the window a little open. A person reached in and grabbed the puppy! Good thing someone saw it and alerted the owner, they were able to recover it just in time. So be careful!


We always want to buy our precious puppy the prettiest things!

Things you need to know to save yourself some money and keep them safe:

If you buy them stuffed squeaky toys, make sure you are supervising them. Because they will chew the toy, take out the stuffing and the squeaky device and eat it, which is a threat to their health. So always be there with any kind of toy. They love tugging on ropes. You can tug with them, they also like to tug with each other. You can also let them chew it while you are there. It´s good to clean their teeth and they love it!

Teach them to not to bite you or your stuff. Let them know they can only chew what you give them to chew.


One of the first things dog owners do is to by the most beautiful bed for their pet to lie on! Even with their name embroidered and everything! I did. What I didn't know is at the first chance I wasn't there she was going to destroy it!

So to prevent them from destroying their beautiful bed, correct them if they start to bite it when you are there and do not leave them with the bed by themselves! The same thing with the toys apply, they'll completely destroy it! So let them use it while you are there. If you are not with them you can leave a towel or something that its going to be durable enough to withstand biting without tearing into pieces that can be swallowed, which would be dangerous.

Potty training

This is some information I have found helpful for potty training a puppy...

Watch "How to Potty Train your Puppy EASILY! Everything you need to know!" on YouTube

Introducing your puppy to other dogs.

When you introduce your puppies to another dog, it is best to have one in a crate and allow the other one to sniff the crated one for a few minutes. Once the other dog starts to ignore yours, then you know it's safe to let them touch each other. Just supervise them for a little bit to make sure there's not going to be any trouble. Make sure there is no food or toys around so as to avoid posturing and fights. This is especially important if you are introducing a puppy to an older established pet in your home. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. We´ll be happy to help you!

Puppy health.

Puppies are very vulnerable. Make sure it has all its vaccines up to date. Especially during the first 6 months, those are the most critical.

To know if your puppy is healthy, always check its poop. A healthy puppy is always going to have nice hard poop.

If the poop is a little shapeless it doesn't  mean its necessarily bad, as long as it is not diarrhea. Diarrhea is always bad. It could be just something they ate, which is not serious. But it could be an early sign of a dangerous illness. If the puppy has diarrhea for more than one or two days, take a sample and have it tested. Also give us a call, we might be able to give you some advice.

Puppies can have diarrhea when they are under stress. A trip, change of home, even a bath! So if it does happen once or twice that day, don't worry about it. As long as it doesn't last more than one or two days.

Another cause of diarrhea is Coccidia or Giardia, microscopic parasitic viruses that reside in a dogs intestines and can cause dehydration.  If you notice diarrhea or loose stool for more than one day we recommend to test your puppy's stool. Coccidia or Giardia are common among puppies and it's usually mild, and easily treated if diagnosed early. 

Changes in diet are also a of cause of diarrhea. If you change your puppy's food, you need to do it gradually, mixing the new one with the old one for several days. You will receive some of the food we are feeding the puppies. 

Our dogs are used to being free fed. So always keep food and water in its bowls and the puppy will eat when it's hungry. We feed our puppies Nature Domain Puppy Food from Costco. If you would like to change your puppy to a different food brand, take the food sample we are sending with the puppy and mix it with the new one. That way you'll make the transition easier on its stomach.

Drinking contaminated water can cause diarrhea as well. Make sure that your puppy´s water stays clean since it´s very common that they step in their pee or poo and then they put their dirty paws in the water to play with it. If they drink that water they can get sick. So make sure to change the puppy´s water a few times a day.

Let us know if you have any other questions. We´ll be happy to help! :)

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