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About Pomskies

Most people who see a Pomsky instantly fall in love with this beautiful breed! They are very intelligent, extremely affectionate, friendly, curious and energetic. They love to run and swim.


Something people often wonder about Pomskies is how big will they get.  Pomskies can be as small as 5lb and as big as 30lb or more.

We divide them on 4 size categories...

Micro (5-9lb fullgrown)

Toy (10-15lb fullgrown)

Mini (16-19lb fullgrown)

Standard (20-30lb fullgrown).


There are different ways of producing Pomskies. By breeding...

-Siberian Husky female to Pomeranian male through         artificial insemination. That is called F1 Pomskies. 

-Pomsky to Pomeranian. Whatever generation the Pomsky is will be followed by a letter b. For example if it's an F1 Pomsky the puppies will be F1b Pomskies.

-Husky to Pomsky. Also called F1b.

-Pomsky to Pomsky. Starting with F2, the puppies will always be one generation higher than the parents. 

We currently produce...

F3 Pomskies

F3b and F4b Pomskies (Husky/Pomsky and Pomeranian/Pomsky)

Pomskies make great pets. They love people, children and other pets.


There are some steps to take if you would like to own a Pomsky, you can read more about that on the "Pomsky Care" page, as well as a few tips and tricks we've learned over the years raising Pomskies.




Pomskies have a double coat. Some Pomskies have shorter coats called plush coat, others have a long fluffy coat called wooly coat.


Pomskies are a unique breed in that they come in a huge gamut of beautiful and distinctive colors and patterns. Since they are a mix between Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians, Pomskies can come in any color Pomeranians and Huskies come in. However, to this day we still come across many animals with totally unique colors/pattern unlike any we've seen before. That's just one of the fascinating things about the breed.

Breed Review:


Pomsky Temperament: Pomskies are sweet and affectionate. They love everybody! They are good with children and other pets.

Trainability: Pomskies are very intelligent dogs. If you are firm and persistent with its training you will end up with a pet that everyone will adore!

Adaptability: Socialize your Pomsky Puppy with other dogs and people as soon as possible.

Health: Pomskies are generally very healthy animals since they are a mix breed. Make sure you keep your dog up to date with its vaccinations and consult a veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Grooming: In order to keep your Pomsky beautiful brush it after every bath. Some Pomskies will blow their coat once a year. In that case it will need a good brushing for about a week.

Activity Level: Moderate.

Size: Micro Pomsky (5-9lb fullgrown)

          Toy Pomsky (10-15lb fullgrown)

          Mini Pomsky (16-19lb fullgrown)

          Standard Size Pomsky (20-30lb fullgrown).

Caring for Your Pomsky

We share a instructional packet with all new Pomsky owners with some tips

and tricks we've learned over the years.

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