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Our Health Guarantee


Before receiving your puppy 


We guarantee that the puppy is going to be healthy upon arrival.


How do we do that?


  • started by breeding healthy parents. Parents had a full health exam and have had their  DNA screened  to make sure they were healthy.

  • fed the dam dietary supplements while pregnant. 

  • make sure the puppies are well fed from birth to the day they go home. 

How do we make sure the puppies are receiving enough nourishment?


  • weigh them at birth and daily thereafter to make sure they are gaining enough weight and supplement their diet when they are not.

  • deworm, vaccinate and take them for a full health exam. 

  • clean after the puppies several times a day and give the puppies regular baths.

  • replace their water and disinfect their dishes often. 


After receiving your puppy


You need to take your puppy to your vet within a week of receiving it. If your vet finds that the puppy wasn't 'fit for sale' you can return your puppy to us with a written certificate from your licensed veterinarian stating the health problem and we will give you a full refund. 


1 Year Genetic guarantee 


If your licensed veterinarian finds any health issues that he suspects to be congenital within the first year of life of your dog and due to that health problem your dog needs special treatment, as long as the vet certifies the problem to us, in that case we'll cover up to the purchase price of the dog for its medical treatment or you can return the dog to us and we would give you a replacement puppy of the same value. 


Your responsibility to keep your puppy healthy.


  • Schedule an appointment with your vet so that you can take your puppy as soon as it arrives.

  • Show your vet your puppy's Vaccination Certificate that you received from us.

  • Schedule its remaining vaccinations. 

  • Ask for a fecal exam to determine if you need to continue deworming your puppy. 

  • If you have other pets, run a fecal test on your current pets, preferably before your new puppy arrives to make sure they won't be contagious to your new puppy. Keep them quarantined from the other pets if any of them are positive for any intestinal parasites and treat them until they are no longer contagious. 

  • Make sure you don't allow your new puppy to walk on public places until it has received all 3 sets of puppy vaccines.

Food And Water

  • Make sure you feed your puppy quality puppy grade food until it is 1 year old. At that point you can make the switch to adult food.

  • We recommend free feeding to ensure a healthy weight for the rest of its life. Free feeding is always keeping food in its bowl so that the dog eats whenever it is hungry.

  • If you give your puppy human food, do research to make sure you are not feeding your puppy anything that might be toxic to dogs.

  • Replace your puppy's water often.

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